Johnny Nunez/WireImageKhia is publicly airing her grievances with Pierre “Pee” Thomas, CEO of the Atlanta indie label Quality Control Music, over the use of her hit single “My Neck, My Back.” 

On Wednesday, the veteran rapper took to Instagram to blast the music exec for his use of the record in 2017. The song is interpolated on the Control the Streets Volume 1 deep cut “Fuck Dat N****”, performed by the City Girls

According to the self-proclaimed Thug Misses, Quality Control sampled her material without her permission and she was not properly compensated for its use.

Not one to hold her tongue, Khia blasted Thomas during an Instagram Live session. “Why couldn’t you be a real n**** and call the queen and say, ‘Queen, I wanna sample your s***. I got these new, little young girls, I wanna sample your s***. Here you go,’” she began her lengthy tirade.

“You got all this money. You n***** so rich, and I’m so poor […] Why the f*** you ain’t call me and say, ‘Queen, it ain’t nothin’. Get this money. I wanna sample your voice, your s***.’”

Thomas, however, shot down Khia’s accusations of non-payment by posting a letter which indicated that QC had shelled out 10K for use of the sample to the companies that own the master recording and the publishing.

“We have agreements for the use and everyone was paid,” he captioned it, and suggested Khia contact her publisher if she has any questions.

Khia’s response? “They don’t own[the song] by themselves […] They ain’t tell you, Khia own half of the song, too. You got to pay her too.’ You need to call me and pay me, too.” 

She’s also continued her crusade against the label head on social media.

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