Young Thug RICO Trial Interrupted By ‘Free Thug’ Heckler
  • One of Young Thug’s fans demonstrated his support for Young Thug by yelling ‘Free Thug’ during Thug’s RICO Trial.
  • The heckler said, “Free Thug, mistrial! Free Thug, mistrial!”
  • The judge, Ural Glanville, made the decision not to acknowledge the interruption and instead dismissed the courtroom for a break.
  • Nevertheless, immediately after Glanville went away from the podium, the disruptive individual came back to express his thoughts once more.
  • The person continued, “Free Thug, mistrial! Free Thug, mistrial!”
  • Meghann Cuniff said, “Also, it’s basically a sure thing that if there were to be a mistrial (there won’t), the prosecutors will re-try everyone. The rally cry really should be ‘Free Thug! Not guilty!’ or ‘Free Thug! Acquit!’ Jurors cannot call mistrials, and the judge isn’t going to take advice.”
  • Which piece of evidence from the prosecution do you think Young Thug’s defense team will find difficult to refute?