Summer Walker Supports DaniLeigh After Fall Out With Da Baby

Summer Walker is showing her support for DaniLeigh as she goes through a public domestic dispute with Da Baby.

Damn n***as really ain’t sh*t, said Summer after the publicized spat on Instagram Live between DaniLeigh and Da Baby. Seeing sh*t like that really makes my chest hurt…brings a b*tch flashbacks.

She went on to let Dani know that she’s there if she needs assistance.

Summer’s comments come after Dani and Da Baby got into an altercation while she was feeding their 3-month old baby.

If you missed the situation with Danileigh and Da Baby see below…

DaBaby and the mother of his daughter, DaniLeigh both took to Instagram Live to show their sides of a messy argument that took place in his home.

DaniLeigh was seen feeding their three-month-old daughter as the two were arguing. DaBaby wanted Dani to leave their home after she had been living there since their child was born.

“Tonight he wanna come in the room talking bout ‘I need to go’ don’t matter where I go..mind u.. I have a new born child,” DaniLeigh said in her statement. She also accused him of still having sexual relations with his other baby mamas.

Police appear on DaniLeigh’s Instagram Live as they try to escort her out of his home. Dababy released a statement and although he didn’t explain why he wanted DaniLeigh to leave, saying she was “hostile” and that he had been “yelled at and chased around like one of those fatal attraction like girls.”

Da Baby’s other baby mother Meme reacted to the viral videos of DaBaby and DaniLeigh’s late-night verbal exchange with a video of Charlie Brown’s Woodstock looking confused while Yung Miami’s new song, “Rap Freaks” plays.

DaniLeigh was quick to address the shady post writing,“why every time I’m viral this girl wanna post about me?!!! U know where tf I am!! I’ve reached out to be cordial plenty of times!!! No one stole ‘your man’ cause he wasn’t yours!”

While DaniLeigh says Meme is just posting for “clout” there is no mention as to where she is now staying after DaBaby had the police escort her out of his home.

Do you think DaBaby was wrong for asking DaniLeigh to leave with their young child?