Slim Thug Says Buy Cheap Clothes To Stay Rich; Rappers Look “Gay” Wearing “Gay” Fashion Designers’ Brands
  • Slim Thug took to Instagram Live to explain why he still has money, and many other rappers have gone broke.
  • Slim says he buys cheap clothes. He showed off a $20 shirt and short set that he says he would wear in the club, along with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.
  • “Y’all be buying that designer, y’all be looking gay because all the designers are gay,” said Slim. “And I’m the only one be standing out. Every ten of y’all with the same Christian Dior shirt, ten of y’all the same Gucci shirt and I’ll be the one that stand out with a plain tee that cost me five dollars. Same as a Happy Meal or less.”
  • Of course, Thug’s gay comments drew criticism from fans, causing him to come back in the comment section to clarify his comment. “For the gay ppl who are wondering what I mean when I say “look gay, I mean when a hood dude wearing a Gucci rainbow shirt and a man purse.” wrote Slim Thug. “No offense to y’all tho (3x rainbow emojis).”
  • Do you wear designer all the time or are you more frugal with your outfits?