• Sunday
    6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

DJ Prince Ice

What’s cooler than cool…Ice Cold!  Cool as Ice and twice as nice! Hip hop don’t stop at 6’1 rocking the B-boy stance its none other than the man next to the man, SC’s very own cool breeze…DJ Prince Ice! Hailing from Columbia, SC by way of Paterson, New Jersey, the young ice cold kid began mixing and scratching at the tender age of 5.  The child prodigy mix master first touched wax when he began spinning old school jams for his peeps.

Not only was Ice crazy on the turntables, but his ambidextrous talents extended to the piano, beat boxing, pop locking and break  dancin’ “to the boogedy beat” at age 10.  Inspired by Krush Groove, Breakin’1 & 2, radio legends Frankie Crocker, Marley Marl, Red Alert & William “Dr. Love Joy” Pee, and his ever loving mother, a Pam Grier look alike, these icons encouraged him to pursue a career in music.  From the classroom to the streets, Prince Ice entered several talent shows battling to sounds of Planet Rock by the Soul Sonic Force.  Twisting metaphorically, spinning effortlessly, and perfectly percolating Ice managed to build a rapport on the block which open doors to his emergence on the turntables at every block party around the way. [Read Full Bio Here]