Sexyy Red Issues Vicious Response To Adin Ross’ Claim He Took Her To Pound Town
  • Recently, Sexyy Red replied to Adin Ross’ claim that he had sex with her, which triggered a harsh response from her.
  • Adin said, “I wanna announce something but I dunno if I should say it. I did f**k Sexyy Red. It was good. It was really good. She was kinda being the dominant one.”
  • He added about her explicit sex tape, “I j**ked off to it and that’s what made me hit her up. I’m being for real.”
  • Sexyy clapped back and said, “You paid me to take yo virginity & I did just that… next.”
  • She added, “SIKE you couldn’t touch me wit ah stick.”
  • What do you think of the new trend of men revealing who they slept with on social media?