Safaree Fuming After Claiming Erica Mena Trashed Expensive Bikes, Sneakers

Safaree has filed paperwork asking that Erica Mena be charged with contempt for violating their domestic relations standing order after he alleges Mena destroyed $30,000 in custom tennis shoes by pouring bleach on them and cutting the laces. Safaree also claims Mena destroyed two motorcycles and a four-wheeler by pouring paint on them and into the bike’s exhaust pipes and gas tank. Safaree says Erica was 8 months pregnant when the destruction went down and although she claims she’s been “overwhelmed” with their newborn child, Safaree questions why she “has ample time to engage in disruptive and intentional acts to vilify and disparage” him. Safaree says he has surveillance video of Erica committing the destruction and said he would turn it over to the court, he’s also considering filing police charges of criminal destruction. Safaree want’s Erica to pay him $50,000 in damages. Did you have a messy divorce? Share your story. Do you think Erica will have to pay up?