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  • The National Thoroughbred League (NTL has enlisted Rick Ross and Nelly as its well-known team owners. Horse racing has typically been an individual activity, but the NTL has created teams based on cities and is scheduled to make its debut over Labor Day weekend in Nashville.
  • Co-The redesigned sports were founded by Forbes Chief Content Officer Randall Lane and entrepreneur Robert Daugherty with the goal of turning “race weekends into a lifestyle.”
  • New York, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Seattle, Nashville, and Philadelphia will be represented by the six original teams. Each “Cup” will have a three-race schedule that is run consecutively and will feature horses from all six teams that entered racers. The ultimate winner will be decided by total points earned, and the winning team will receive a $1 million grand prize at the conclusion of the competition.
  • On July 24, Nelly and T.I will play at the California Mid-State Fair at the Paso Robles Event Center’s Chumash Grandstand Arena.
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