Michael Jackson Biopic Team Touts ‘Unbiased’ Look at Pop Star; ‘Leaving Neverland’ Director Calls Script Draft ‘Startlingly Disingenuous’
  • At the Vanity Fair Oscars party, actor Miles Teller expressed his excitement about his role in the upcoming Michael Jackson biopic, “Michael.”
  • Teller will portray John Branca, Jackson’s former manager and current estate co-executor.
  • Despite considering the allegations against Jackson, Teller is thrilled to be part of the film and believes it will impress audiences.
  • Each press release promises a “riveting and honest portrait of the brilliant yet complicated man” that will show Jackson’s “undeniable creative genius” and “human side and personal struggles.” 
  • Dan Reed, director of the 2019 documentary series “Leaving Neverland,” read the “Michael” screenplay, which he finds “startlingly disingenuous” for disproving Robson and Safechuck’s claim that Jackson was a pedophile.
  • Do you think Michael Jackson’s allegations of sexual assault should be part of the biopic?