Latto’s Panties Are Getting Bids From Over $95K
  • Recently, Latto caught some heat over being seen in the same panties a couple of times in pictures, which she openly defended.
  • Now, she is taking the power into her own hands and selling her panties on eBay and is garnering a lot of money for her panties.
  • Latto announced the auction and said, “Auction live on eBay since I can’t wear them twice Link in bio.”
  • There are close to 80 bids on her listing, and the highest so far is over $90,000.
  • What’s the most amount of money you would spend on something a celebrity once owned?


  • Latto clapped back at someone who tried to shame her for wearing what appeared to be the same panties.
  • “Can’t afford new panties?” wrote the @extraathique on Twitter. The caption accompanied two pictures of Latto flashing leopard-print panties.
  • Latto responded, “Oh no, it’s the panty police.”
  • How many times do you wear your underwear?