YNW Melly Scores Small Court Victory Due To Prosecution’s Error


  • YNW Melly recently scored a small victory in his high-profile double murder trial because of an error made by the prosecution.
  • According to legal expert Terri Austin, who has been closely following the trial, Broward Circuit Judge John Murphy disclosed on Wednesday (June 21) that the prosecution violated discovery rules by failing to release a second forensics report.
  • Austin tweeted, “Judge Murphy ruled @ynwmelly trial that Prosecution committed a discovery violation for failure to disclose a second forensics report. That information will now be excluded!”
  • She continued, “On cross exam, the DNA expert admitted that Melly’s DNA was not found on any items in the subject car except the rear driver side door handle.”
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YNW Melly’s double-murder trial continued on Tuesday (June 20) in Florida’s Broward County Court.

  • During the 5th day, a jury member was admitted to the hospital due to a health complication.
  • Also, Judge John Murphy III decided whether to grant Melly’s attorney’s move for a mistrial last Thursday.
  • Judge Murphy opted to reject the motion for a mistrial made by Melly’s defense team after reviewing the transcripts.
  • David A. Howard, the attorney for YNW Melly, asked for a mistrial following Holmes’ testimony, labeling the day’s proceedings a “prejudicial fiasco.”
  • The defense of YNW Melly alleged that the prosecution disregarded a court order and forced Holmes to repeat statements made outside of court. Judge Murphy gave the motion some thought over the weekend and rejected it today in court.
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