Joey Bada$$ Responds To Fans’ Negative Reactions To His “Passport & Suitcases” Snippet

“Passport & Suitcases” will drop on Friday (January 19), but some of Joey Bada$$’s fans have varied reviews. After posting a preview of “Passport & Suitcases” on Instagram, several Joey Bada$$ fans questioned the song’s melodic tone. One wrote, “[The f###] is happening!? Where [the f###] is Joey?! Where’s the Hip-Hop?” Joey replied to criticism of “Passport & Suitcases” on X by telling his base to expect something different from him. “Feels good to be allowed to grow. I never needed permission, but thanks anyway, guys. New sounds all ‘24…. Whether you like it or not [winking face emoji],” Bada$$ tweeted. “Also, in the words of Dave Chapelle, ‘Twitter is not a real place’ lol,” Bada$$ wrote on X. The Brooklyn native also tweeted, “What Ye said…. ‘I’d be worried if they said nothinnnnnnnnnnn.’”

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