Joe Budden & Skillz Get Into Heated Spat Over J. Cole’s Apology

Recently, Skillz reacted to Budden’s post about J. Cole’s apology to Kendrick Lamar, which triggered a heated spat online between the two of them. Budden said, “Streets need a body,” and Skillz added, “Wild take coming from a rapper who never caught one.” Joe continued, “Now, Skillz, there is NO LIVING BREATHING person that has you as a better MC than me. & YOU can’t career shame a mosquito with a mixtape. And the one time a year ppl wanted to hear from you got stolen from you. Go be with your family.” Skillz added, “Now Joseph? I have never been punched in the face for any sub par bars either. You have taken more RAP/LIFE L’s than any rapper from Jersey. Go be Wendy Williams bro.” He continued, “And if YOU WERE SUCH AN AMAZING RAPPER in your PRIME? Why you become a podcaster?!? You can’t ever talk bars with me.”

Who do you think is the better rapper? Joe Budden? Skillz? Why?