Jay-Z Calls Out Feds for Holding Inmate Over Leftover Chicken

Jay-Z and Team Roc are going head to head with the feds over an inmate by the name of Valon Vailes who reached out to Jay regarding his 20 year sentence for weed and the feds reasons for keeping him behind bars.

Vailes has completed his GED and has been a model inmate, yet according to paperwork obtained by Team Roc lawyer, Alex Spiro, Vailes won’t be released because of a chicken prison meal he tried to sneak back to his cell, as well as, the use of his prison uniform as “workout equipment.”

Spiro says the reason Vailes hasn’t been released is due to a broken prison system that would do more if Vailes was “whiter.”

Do you think inmates being held in jail over weed should be released now that several states have legalized it?