Issa Rae Is Considering Going The ‘Independent’ Route
  • Recently, Issa Rae addressed her career plans and how she feels after her HBO series Rap S**t was cancelled after the second season.
  • Issa said, “You’re seeing so many Black shows get canceled; you’re seeing so many executives—especially on the DEI side—get canned.”
  • She continued, “You’re seeing very clearly now that our stories are less of a priority.”
  • She added, “I am pessimistic, because there’s no one holding anybody accountable—and I can, sure, but also at what cost? I can’t force you to make my stuff. It’s made me take more steps to try to be independent down the line if I have to.”
  • Rae continued, “I’m writing a couple of different projects—one for myself and one to produce and create with others—and I’ve been feeling so inspired and excited to get back at it. I’m embracing that challenge. The industry is in flux, so it’s really inspired me to focus and hone in on what stories I want to tell. I’ve been laser-focused on getting these projects up and running.”
  • Which show did you enjoy more and why? InsecureRap S**t?