Source: YouTube
  • As part of their ongoing lyrical feud, Drake and Kendrick Lamar are reportedly writing nuclear diss tracks, at least according to Joe Budden.
  • In the most recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, which was released on Wednesday, April 10, the media personality introduced the developing rivalry.
  • “Get out the way,” Budden said. “Whatever lil rappy sh_t you thought was going on, this not that. And something’s coming. I think that J. Cole knows that from either Kendrick or Drake or both. And it was time to bow out because now we are no longer in the first round …Kendrick has earned himself a bye with Cole’s apology, but I think that the insiders know— actually, I have it on good information that both sides went in the booth and came out.”
  • Budden continued saying that he heard the upcoming raps would be “nuclear” but says he doesn’t think Drake will be able to out-rap Kendrick; therefore, he doesn’t feel the need to instigate it.
  • Who do you think would come out on top in a lyrical battle between Kendrick Lamar and Drake?