Dame Dash: ‘There Would Be No Rapping JAY-Z If It Wasn’t For Me’

Dame Dash has said that fighting for JAY-Z in label offices and teaching him music business helped him become a Hall-of-Fame rapper. On Tuesday (December 19), the music mogul appeared on The Gauds Show and discussed his former Roc-A-Fella partner, specifically how much work he had to do to launch the Brooklyn rapper’s career because he believes Hov was more interested in hustling than breaking as a rapper. “I shopped JAY-Z to every single label,” he told the show’s hosts. “Kevin Liles, all of them. Every single one of them and they all said no. And he becomes one of the greatest rappers alive.” “If I listened to them, there would be no JAY-Z. He wasn’t gon’ do it. There would be no rapping JAY-Z if it wasn’t for me 100,000 percent. He wasn’t gonna do what I did to make sure he got heard. He was hustling.”

Why do you think Dame Dash spends so much time talking about JAY-Z? Should he leave the past behind or cement his legacy by sharing his story?