Busta Rhymes Tears Up During His BET Awards’ Lifetime Speech
  • At the 2023 BET Awards, Busta Rhymes received the Lifetime Achievement Award. During his passionate acceptance speech, he shared some sage advice on the rap game.
  • Busta said, “I’ma wear it on my sleeve: I do want to cry. I ain’t never wanted to be a solo MC.”
  • He continued, “I ain’t like the responsibility of making a full song. I’m good with getting to the 16 bars and busting everybody’s ass and getting up out of there.”
  • He added, “We gon’ stop these little petty beefs that we be doing in rap. Y’all messing up the bag, y’all messing up the energy. I don’t like when I talk to these dudes that run these streaming platforms and they be talking about we turning the consumer off … We gon’ stop that, we gon’ love each other and we gon’ get to this money.”
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