Ari Lennox Said She Felt ‘Unattractive’ By ‘Wanting Love So Bad’
  • Ari Lennox has opened up about having self-confidence issues regarding love and relationships and said she felt “unattractive” by “wanting love so bad.”
  • The R&B singer revealed in a Twitter post that she might have harmed her self-esteem while trying to pursue love. Ari said that it has caused her to feel “blind and weak,” which made her “dangerously trusting.”
  • Have I made myself unattractive by wanting love so bad?” she asked. “By speaking about it? Complaining about it? I wish I didn’t crave it. I wish it didn’t make me blind, weak, and so dangerously trusting. I wish I had no love inside of me. Wish I didn’t have emotions. Wish I didn’t care.”
  • The 31-year-old singer devastated fans when she revealed her ‘Age/Sex/Location Tour’ would be her last. The Dreamville singer announced via a tweet that the tour, which takes place across North America in early 2023, will be the final time fans will get to see her on the road as a touring artist.
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