Andre 3000 Announces ‘New Blue Sun Live’ Tour
  • Andre 3000 is ready to perform his new album, New Blue Sun, on a live tour with the rest of his band.
  • Andre’s band includes Carlos Niño, Nate Mercereau, Surya Botofasina, Deantoni Parks, Diego Gaeta, Matthewdavid, V.C.R., Diego Gaeta, Jesse Peterson and Mia Doi Todd.
  • The tour will start in NYC and end in Los Angeles, with some venues hosting multiple shows on multiple dates.
  • Which concerts do you plan on attending this year?


  • Recently, Andre 3000 performed ‘That Night In Hawaii When I Turned Into A Panther” on Colbert’s show and discussed his love for the flute.
  • Andre said, “I discovered flute and I started playing it over and over again for years, and I felt like it would be great to share it so it kinda came in a natural way.”
  • He continued, “It’s the closest thing to singing. Like, vibrato is basically a human kinda thing. You’re actually hearing a human’s wind.”
  • Which instrument did you play when you were younger?