50 Cent Warns Drinks Company He’s Not To Be ‘Played’ With Over Alleged $6M Embezzlement
  • Recently, 50 Cent sent out a warning to Beam Suntory that the company should be careful with trying to finesse him because he isn’t one to be ‘played’ with.
  • 50 said about an alleged $6 million embezzlement accusation, “@beamsuntory is gonna pay for what they did trust me. These big companies think they can get away with anything. It has cost me millions in legal fees. They are gonna find out I’m not the one you want to play with.”
  • He continued, “Here is a clearer version of the News, @beamsuntory @jimbeamofficial I’m not the guy you want to get started. In nicest way I’m gonna need my money by Monday.”
  • He added, “Do I really need to hold a press conference to walk everyone through exactly what happened with convicted felon Mitchel E. Green, Julious Grant, Arnaud Fabre and the guy Beam paid millions of dollars to help sell my brand, ‘Lord Michael’ Caruso?”
  • Beam Suntory said in its statement, “Beam Suntory vehemently denies all allegations of wrongdoing. It had no involvement in or knowledge of the fraudulent activity alleged in the complaint, and any allegation to the contrary has no basis in fact.”
  • It continued, “It is undisputed that we honored all prior obligations to Mr. Jackson and Sire Spirits, and it is very unfortunate that the parties involved continue to misrepresent the facts and misdirect blame in an attempt to recover fees and damages.”
  • Do you believe in revenge? Why or why not?